Oxford Literary And Rights Agency Ltd.

Oxford Literary Rights

Who are Oxford Literary Rights?

Our agency specialises in selling translation rights from leading U.K. and U.S. academic and non-fiction publishers.

Our main markets are in Central and Eastern Europe.

More than 30 years publishing experience with international publishers.

Whom do Oxford Literary Rights represent?

University presses and academic publishers

Leading trade publishers with specialised lists.

What types of books are Oxford Literary Rights working with?

Academic books in areas such as history; politics; philosophy; psychology; life sciences; computing; theology and religion; linguistics; sociology; medical; architecture; literature.

Popular science; biography; militaria and military history


How can Oxford Literary Rights help you?

We maintain regular and close contacts with many publishers in our key markets. We believe in developing good long-term working relationships with our clients so that we can offer titles tailored to each customer’s profile.